I make photographs of the American West and the effects of the people living here. Originally from southwestern Colorado, I currently live in the Bay Area.

My interest in photography was triggered by the 2001 Andreas Gursky retrospective at MoMA. Gursky's combination of color and massive print size transformed my conception of photography which to that point had been mostly shaped by National Geographic and Time/Life photo collections of combat photojournalism. While living in NYC, I took advantage of the large photography gallery community to expand my exposure to other photographers. From 2004 - 2009, I cataloged my self-directed education on the blog "Gallery Hopper." Gallery Hopper was covered in a number of national publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Examiner, and Forbes.

Exhibitions & Publications

  • Weld and Mornings/Evenings, Booklet Zine Library, Tokyo, Japan
  • Mornings/Evenings, Indie Photobook Library @ Lishui Photography Festival, Lishui China, Nov 6-9, 2011
  • Mornings/Evenings, Indie Photobook Library @ Snap!, Orlando, FL May 6-7, 2011
  • Mornings/Evenings, Indie Photobook Library @ PPAC Book Fair, Philadelphia, PA, April 2, 2011
  • Mornings/Evenings - Self-published, 2011. Available in print-on-demand and digital formats.
  • Weld, Indie Photobook Library @ FotoWeek DC, Washington, DC, November 6 - 13, 2010
  • Weld - Self-published, 2010. Available in print-on-demand and digital formats.
  • WeldFraction Magazine, #15.